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The biggest stars on Youtube want to wish you a happy New year!

Lol Cats #1

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Special thanks to and

Funny Dogs 3

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The 3rd video in my series of funny dog pictures, enjoy!


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IS DOGERDAY!!!!!! These dogs aren’t normal dogs ENJOY MY VIDEO (O_-)

Funny cats (Home videos)

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Funny cat video montage. I filmed everything over several years. Shows 10 different cats in dozens of funny and cute clips! Enjoy! Audio from Kinder Atom. Song – Japan Cakes.

Super Cats — The funniest cat video!

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Download Cat Piano for iPhone and iPod touch:

New Funny Babies 2

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FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK/ TWITTER/ WEBSITE! (CHECK BELOW) Website: Facebook (fan page) Personal Facebook: Twitter : T-shirts: Second channel IS DOGERDAY!!!!!! These dogs aren’t normal dogs ENJOY MY VIDEO (*_+)

very funny cats for more click on link in blue on right

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lol lol lol cats fight

lol cats No Comments » – demo hosting The black cat was supposed to be married, to the golden cat. But he cheated just before the wedding. This started the cat fight. The golden cat is very upset, and want to pretty much castrate the black one. This cat fight is so hilarious. The golden cat even paid her bridal gown, and hunted rat for the black one. lol cats lol lol lol warrior cats hitler cats

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