Funny Singing dog

Funny videos No Comments » This is the dog of my sister who is very happy to sing when she plays the harmonica. The dog is a Afghan Hound and is two years old. Enjoy!

Forty two funny cats

lol cats No Comments » – more funny videos *** Как-то сидел и от неча делать смотрел коротенькие видеоролики, которые хозяева сняли про своих котов. Накопилось много материала, перерыто более двухсотен таких роликов. Появилась идея сделать видео. Единственной проблемой была музыка. Я никак не мог найти подходящую песню или трек. Тут я вспомнил про “Бигуди”… Надеюсь мне удалось создать атмосферу позитива и вызвать улыбки на ваших лицах один из роликов:

cats riding in boxes

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Bored cats are up for anything. Music by Bullmark (Arion Salazar) from the PC game Interstate ’76.

Very cute puppy with human baby voice

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Baby getting scared of man under blanket

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Funny Cat Pushes Friend Off Staircase

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Vote for this video @ Funny cats play pranks on each other.


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Visit T&G’s brand new stores! Visit our website! Join T&G’s facebook fan page! http Gracie loves her new cat tower! Watch her ninja climbing skills as she jumps 5 ft. to the top! We love your comments! ♥ T&G Videos ♥ ninja cat kitten very funny cats gato kitty katze climbs jumps jumping ninja cute funny adorable kawaii mean kitty pet video tommyandgracie amazing LOL cats awesome epic slow motion HD pet video

Dogs Discuss Tactics ;)

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Quite a uniqe setup where dogs assemble around each other; it seems as if one is leading a Battle Tactic presentation hehe. (PS there is a guy on the roof ;) Sent in by : Dont forget to like and Favourite the video to help our channel grow Stu-

Funny Halloween Pets For You

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For all the pet lovers- a collection of pets dressed up for Halloween. This video slide-show was put together by Keny Stewart and the assistance of his four footed friends.

Funny Bird Wakes Up Cat

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Need to smile? More videos:

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