Pete into Orbit- Troubling Me (official music video)

Funny videos No Comments » The official music video for The Pete Walter Band’s debut single ‘Troubling Me’. Thanks to everyone who made this video possible. Cast (in order of appearance) Pete Walter Drake the Dog Anna Shields Kirsty Fitch T-Mag Nat Walter Jennie Jacobs Manfredi Tumminello Nina Boldt Andrew Pettie Martin Keddie Georgina Woolfrey Tracey O’Halloran Andrea Harris Rosemary Fenton Thanks also go to the considerate drivers and pedestrians of Bayswater, W2! If you enjoyed the video please do one or all of the following: ‘Like’ our facebook page – Visit our website – Follow us on twitter http Subscribe to our youtube channel

Funny Animals – Funny Dog plays TAKEDOWN

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Funny dog chases the baby making him wonder, Who let the dogs out! Woof Woof Woof. SUBSCRIBE NOW Become a fan of us on Facebook! Follow us on

Funny Cats Video Collection

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Some funny cats on video enjoy folks;)


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Baby Food Taste Test (Too Funny!)

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Watch baby Griffin test five all natural, homemade baby foods: 1. Avocado banana 2. Carrot butternut squash 3. Pear 4. Banana 5. Carrots Which one won the taste test? Which lost? Watch the video to find out!

FUNNY, SILLY DOGS…April 15, 2012

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Please watch my Silly Funny DOG video. I made it for YOUTUBERS to make them laugh. I know you could use it this week…

Cheezburger : Chipmunk Face Stuff

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For more funny cats visit Submit your original videos at http

Kitteh vs. Laser

lol cats No Comments » New store has opened up for all Conan fans! http The music came from The songs were “The Chase” and “Mr Mealeys Mediocre Machine”

Snoop Doggy Dane — Dog Days #9

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Snoop Doggy Dane — Dog Days #9 Two Great Danes discuss the best method for teaching a human how to do something. This video is part of the “Dog Days” series from Wizard of Wit Productions. The series is a humorous collection of short videos featuring miniature Dachshunds, a pile of Pugs, some Great Danes and a Labrador or two. The dogs interact with each other in their natural habitats, while discussing a wide variety of topics, including current politics, celebrity gossip, movie and television shows, food and restaurants, and many other forms of entertainment and pop culture phenomenon. #16 -Most Responded (9-15-09) – Pets & Animals #65 – Most Responded (This Week) – Pets & Animals #32 – Top Favorited (9-15-09) – Pets & Animals #48 – Top Rated (9-15-09) – Pets & Animals #20 – Most Responded (9-16-09) – Pets & Animals #34 – Top Favorited (9-16-09) – Pets & Animals #42 – Top Rated (9-16-09) – Pets & Animals #38 – Top Favorited (9-17-09) – Pets & Animals #45 – Top Rated (9-17-09) – Pets & Animals

The Random Mario Bros-The Bill

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Mario and Luigi must figure out a way to pay a gigantic bill! Will they ever succeed? Special thanks to our friend Manny. Warning:This video contains a massive amount of randomness. All sound effects,music,and sound effects belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infrigment intended.

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