Funny boy labrador and golden retriever girl playing

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William and Millie are best friends and they love to play!!!

Romantic Cat

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Hey y’all! These are outtakes and bloopers from my Michael Jackson The Experience for PS3 review. At the end you will also see a little bit of review from one of the songs I had to take out due to the video being so long. Enjoy :)

Tribute to my Pit Bull

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Tucker is an amazing pooch so I thought I would share some of his funny moments with you.

The most talented dog ever!!!!!!!

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A dog getting tips for his owner………. ” A homeless man “

Chewbacca Sound

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Our dog “Mac” a Borador loves to play with and taunt our older Borador “Faith”. The taunting sounds like “Chewbacca”. (Borador stands for half Border Collie, HAlf Labrador Retriever”

Funny Video – Baby Laughing Hysterically – Funny Baby

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