READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! GO HERE to get your precious breedz. Let me guess, still can’t find any? go HERE HERE HERE or here!! This one has cool stuff OR HERE for hexing tips **************************************************** Petz5 – one of the best game I’ve ever played Babyz too, oh will I ever play that game again? Luckily, I still have Petz5 (Got it at Best Buy!) but I don’t know if it’s still in stores, sorry :( In this video you can find unusual breedz of Petz! like Snowbo’s, birds, snakes… :OI even had a dinasour (NOT SHOWN IN THE VIDEO), it was HUGE! almost covered 1/2 of the screen. THE AUDIO FROM THIS VIDEO MAY BE Zooland_Music’s PROPERTY THIS VIDEO MAY HAVE CONTENT OWNED OR LICENSED BY UMG Song: Cascada – Miracle aand some tags you can ignore 8D petz5 petza cute petz5 game my first video cool website how to make a petz5 video cats video dogs video catz dogz catz 4 dogz 4 funny cats funny dogs adopted pets dont make animal abuse dont kill animals new breedz for petz5